Our Services

Capacity Building and Engagement Program

Sustainable improvement program:

  • System enhancement and revamp
  • Multi-stakeholders engagement
Consultation and Education Services
  • Create awareness of the concept of compliance
  • Provide workshops and training on prevailing legislations and clients’ requirement
  • Identify deficiencies in vendor facilities through a professional audit
  • Provide professional advices and consultation in rectifying the deficiencies
  • Sharing good practices and latest trends in the industry
  • Assist in the establish of internal compliance systems at the facility
  • Conduct periodic evaluations of the consistency and sustainability of the system
Consultation and Training

Management (for vendors/suppliers):

  • Concept of compliance and corporate social responsibility
  • Internal compliance and performance monitoring system
  • Legislation and buyers’ code of conduct
  • Reinforce positive management techniques
  • Assure occupational safety and health
  • Communicate with workers to obtain an in-depth understanding of issues
  • Cultivate the participatory culture in the factory to facilitate the problem resolving process
Innovation Services

Apart from the professional compliance auditing services, we are also providing the following innovative services to our clients:

  • Professional CTPAP assessment services
  • Workers Organization and Communication/Grievances Mechanism Consultation Services
    • SCSA helps and facilitates the set up of workers organization with a view to improve the communication & problems solving mechanism between workers and factory management.
  • Participatory Workshop and Functions
    • Tailor made workshop on particular issue with the involvement of factory management and workers, A channel to build the mutual trust and understanding among the involved parties
  • Hotline Management Services