Social Compliance Services Asia Ltd. is a sole proprietor which run by a group of experience compliance experts with passion and belief in sustainable improvement of workplace condition. The operation of the firm is entirely independent and does not have any influence from other parties, organizations or interest group. We live by the key value of Integrity, Impartiality, Fact finding and Fact reporting, Professionalism and Due Diligence. With headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, It has developed as a premium compliance service provider with audit representatives over various regions, such as Southeast Asia, Indian Sub-continent, Greater China, etc.

Gaining support from the regional offices, SCSA has well positioned itself as one of the professional compliance services providers with global perspective. The well-defined management structure and internal quality assurance system has been regarded as the cornerstone to the success of the company. We understand the qualified and experienced monitoring team is crucial to the healthy growth of the organization. Hence, we treat that the well-established monitoring team with intensive exposure and professional know-how as our most valuable asset. It is also the distinctive competitive edge of the company over its peers and competitors in the ever competitive marketplace. Our motto is “Facts finding and Facts reporting”