Public Statement of Impartiality

The Board of Directors of Social Compliance Services Asia Ltd (SCSA) makes the following public statement on understanding of the concept of Impartiality and the importance thereof when managing conflicts of interest and to ensure objectivity when carrying out our daily business practices and auditing work. Impartiality is the actual and perceived presence of objectivity. It consists of elements of objectivity, independence, and freedom from conflicts of interest, freedom from bias, and lack of prejudice, neutrality, fairness, open-mindedness, even-handedness, detachment and balance. Being impartial, and being perceived to be impartial, is necessary for SCSA to be able to deliver a credible Audit Service that provides confidence to our clients, the public and all other stakeholders. Hence, all the employees of SCSA and its affiliated, shall strictly adhere to the policies and procedures in related to maintain the impartiality when delivering their duties.

The above Statement is made by Social Compliance Service Asia Ltd in the interest of transparency and so that all our clients and all the stakeholders may be aware of our intentions.